Fred-seghettiAbout Fred Seghetti

Born November, 08, 1977, Fred Seghetti is a father, husband, artist, musician, producer, author and entrepreneur. He donates much of his work, time and talents to his many causes. He is a household name whose insanely creative yet deeply abstract art transcend our world, and as a savvy business man who has built a dream into an empire.

But the numbers do not tell Fred’s story half as well as he could. After all it is the intangibles, that elevate Seghetti into the stratosphere of our art/pop culture world, allowing the artist known as Seghetti to have his own place and orbit to soar in.

All of the items that you see here are digital reproductions of Fred’s art work and photographs. Oil and acrylic paintings are available through Mr. Seghetti directly, feel free to contact Fred by sending the form on our contact page, for more information. Mr. Seghetti’s art work can be found in many locations all across the globe. Fred has numerous canvas pieces, shirts, and wall art hanging in businesses in and around Portland, Oregon and Austin, TX as well as private residences located in Australia, Italy, Dubai, Germany, Afghanistan, Chicago, New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Mr. Seghetti is a regular artist for select Hilton Hotels and has been for over 10 years. Fred also has art work hanging in select beauty salons and coffee shops nation wide. In Rome, Italy you can find Mr. Seghetti’s T-shirt design in the gift shop of the Rome Colosseum.

Don’t miss out on these unique designs and paintings that you will not find anywhere else in the universe. Check out Fred Seghetti’s other official websites….

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